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md5deep 2.0 released [Oct. 15th, 2007|06:51 pm]

Tonight I have published the official release of md5deep version 2.0. As always, you can download either a Windows version or the source code. Here are the changes in the new version:

New Features

  • Using GNU Autotools for configuration and compilation. This should help avoid platform specific issues such as SHA-1 problems previously found on 64-bit versions of AIX.
  • Added support for files with Unicode characters in their filenames on Microsoft Windows.
  • Added support for EnCase hash sets (.hash files).
  • Updated web site and quick start guide
  • Slightly reduced the size of all of the executables by removing duplicated code.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed time estimation mode for block devices on OS X and Linux
  • Fixed cosmetic error where estimated time remaining mode is being used in conjunction with piecewise hashing. Time estimates are now based on the whole file, not just each piece.
  • Clarified licensing issues in COPYING for tiger.c
  • Changed some data types in hashing functions to C99 standard. Whirlpool seems to be working well enough without changes.
  • Wrapped all of the global variables into the state structure

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[User Picture]From: jessekornblum
2007-10-17 01:59 am (UTC)
You say that like my troubles are over. Just today I got a patch (thankfully not just a bug report) for building with VPATH. Oy.
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